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Οι Καλλιτέχνες μας - Kattya Glavina K.

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glavina 3A Jewelry Designer and a Painter, Kattya has been in an artistic environment since she was a little girl, continuing to do so until now and surround it by the love of her children. Today she considers herself a Visionary Artist with an extensive Experience in the Visual World in the USA and her native country Colombia.

She currently resides in Cyprus where she has expanded her creative mind through several private exhibitions.
 In June 2011 she was the chosen to be feature Visionary Spiritual Painter in         
Spirit of the Forest
 Also in 2011 she took part in the 1st Latin-Catholic Art exhibition at Famagusta Gate and in 2012 Art & Music at Famagusta Gate, both in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Her philosophy about life is that Visions Become Art!!

Kattya Glavina K

Intuitive Visionary Artist







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